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After almost 9 months in Mexico, the project “Chanson Vagabonde” keeps going and is receiving a good response from Latin American countries. New videos have been released, and there are more to come as the project travels southbound.

-Chanson Vagabonde -


To be able to focus more on music and to share with you more about other cultures, the blog will end. It will be easier this way, as the project is now translated in three languages.


Information on Facebook and Instagram will be published with more frequency to compensate. For more details, you can follow the links at the end of the mail, or follow this link to the website. The journey now goes southwards. Next stop: Guatemala!

The project is moving forwards, developing a stability in its rhythm. The blog will be left aside and replaced by more news on social media platforms to focus on video making and travels. Meanwhile, “Chanson Vagabonde” is welcomed in Latin countries with a lot of enthusiasm, as “D’Jef’s music”. The project is still evolving; new partners from Mexico, Spain, and Argentina joined the movement. The project tends to become a platform of international connexion for nomadic artists.


If you want to support the project, the best way is still to share and spread the word around you!


-New video-

Chanson Vagabonde #2 -Manu&Gia- Humo y vos

For D’jef, that means for than 70 shows on stages in Mexico, and 30 of those in cooperation with other artists from Latin America. Thanks to Manu&Gia, Tierra Teenek, Chapu Ltepec, Sofia Pomari, Adrià Cunillera Furnells, Sonido Barba, Los Musqueteros, Miguel of Carcaju, Cabaret Mermelada, Alejandro Espiricuata, all the friends of Lechuga Dixieband, Martin Pecador, Que Bonitos Ojos Piernas, and all the folks we met on the road.

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