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-D'jef, Is a French songwriter show on a blues-flamenco music. Touching and squeaky texts amid crazy music. In an atmosphere of sleepless nights and disjointed puppets, Jean-François Gasse makes you drift into a world woven through poetry, storytelling and music. Having learned to animate crowds by countless street performances across Canada and Europe, he offers his music mixed between gypsy music, hiphop, beatbox, flamenco, jazz and blues.-



Early interested for music and scene arts, is at 15 years old that Jean-François Gasse did his first experiences of show. He started his first musical and theatral projects and been quickly fascinated in street arts. The travel and the gyspsy way of music became a passion and guided his intention in his artistic approach. 

Sometimes an actor, a fire-eater and a musician, he performed the various facets of his art on stage and on the street across Canada and Europe.

After a first Demo named "Quidam" recorded in 2008 at Grenoble in France, he set up a music band called "La Ritournelle" With which he realized two albums (Rose des vents, 2011 and Au "contoir" des nuits blanches,2012) and more than 180 shows since 2010 in provinces of Québec, Nova Scotia, New Brunzwick and in France.

Using the pseudonym of his travels, D'jef played in this new project since 2014. An EP was release (D'jef... Ou allez chez l'diable, 2015) and a tour in France followed. In June 2016, an 11 titles album was release (Djef - Quitte à s'en péter les dents). At this time the project has nearly 100 shows on stages.