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To be in your thirthies is kind of like a second twenties. But we make less mistakes, we know better what we expect from life. We lose a little less time, we take shortcurts. We see traps coming... we aren't less of a fool, but we do it better.

That's how the story begins. These ten years of living on the road between Europe and North America, and the desire of sharing this new adventure with you guys.

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Crossing the country towards Western Canada is probably not something strange for all those who's pleased by hitting the road. Hobos, gold diggers or explorers; same reasons today as yesterday. It's hard to explain why some people feel this urge for travelling; this bite in the stomach that sometimes pushes us to disconnect with any sort of logical thinking. On the road, we meet expats, pilgrims and adventurers. Curious people and holidaymakers. Some are escaping or are looking for something, and others are making it a lifestyle. And sometimes, that means a slap in the face. But, we tell ourselves: if it feels good, or if it feels rough, at least it feels like something.

Anyway, there's so many reasons to endure some 6000 kilometres of pavement. On my case, it's the fourth time I cross the vastness of the great plains to meet the Pacific ocean on the other side.

The way out West, it's the never ending sky of Great Plains. It's to get at the foot of these gigantic mountains and to feel small and naked in front of the greatness of the world. It's a little bit like feeling we are following the path of great explorers of another era.

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On the West Coast, I've slept under the stars, under bridges, on Vancouver's rooftops (and I've eaten snake). But this time, that's with the beautiful Lolita Froissart that I will do my tour.

On the way, it's in the farmer's markets ont the Islands around Vancouver that we have performed our show. Always with the theatrical touch, we've been from Denman island to Hornby, Saltspring, Vancouvers Island (and its great cedars in Cathedral Grove) and Galiano Island where we have experienced our first boat-stop on the Nina, a Spanish sailing and rowboat built in 1732.

The North-West, that's a bottomless source of folk music, rag time, blues and rock n' roll topped with a 70's sauce and a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi of the Pacific Coast. A sort of let it be, of «babacool», of we'll see tomorrow.  

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Back in the Okanagan Valley for the last show of the tour (on a last show at Jojo's cafe in Osoyoos), a thick smoke welcomes us at Hope. This year, more than 250 wild fires started in the province of BC, a record since 70 years. While waiting to go South and to keep on this adventure, we are recording a video of a Big Bill Bronzi song as a tribute to Blues history.

I'm going through Canada and the States a little fast, I will come back to it later. Meanwhile, the story's keeps going...


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